Feather Mite Treatment Spray & Shampoo Combo



 Is your horse stamping, rubbing, biting his legs??

Farriers Biosect Mite Treatment combo contains a 500ml bottle of our Feather Mite Spray and a 500ml bottle of Feather Mite Shampoo. These two products when used together offer the best treatment and prevention of Feather Mites.


For those of us that own heavily feathered horses, we know how difficult it can be to treat and manage Feather Mites. The two main problems we face are firstly not being able to see the mites and secondly, those beautiful feathers are the ideal habitat and breeding grounds for these critters to live and thrive.

Feather Mites are microscopic parasites that live on the skin of horses amongst the feathers. They are invisible to the naked eye and the first we know our horse has them is constant stamping of the feet or chewing and rubbing the lower legs. By this time the mites are well established and can be extremely difficult to treat.

The feathers provide a warm, humid and safe environment for mites to live. We are often reluctant to clip the legs of feathered breeds which adds to the difficulty in treating Feather Mites.

It must be noted that Feather Mites have a 42 day cycle and any attempt to successfully eliminate infestation must be continued well beyond this period. Even once you have successfully treated your horse, they are prone to re-infestation simply through contact with other horses, sharing or borrowing grooming kit and even from hay and bedding.

Farriers Equine Care produce two products that when used together offer the best outcome when treating Feather Mites. A Spray and a Shampoo which both contain Biomethrin, a derivative of the Chrysanthemum plant family and is approved for use on horses and donkeys. Biomethrin works by coming into direct contact with the Mites and paralyses their nervous system. This renders them unable to move and they die within 24 hours.

Farriers Biosect Spray is used to initially treat Feather Mites and should be reapplied 10 days after initial treatment to catch any newly hatched eggs. It is very important to ensure the solution gets right down to the skin where the Mites come into contact with it. Often this is difficult when dealing with large breeds such as Shires and Gypsy Cobs due to the thickness of the feather. In such cases we would recommend the use of the feather Mite Shampoo.

If you show your horse or like to regularly wash your horses feathers, Farriers Mite Shampoo delivers a dose of Biomethrim every time you shampoo. This product can be used as often as you wish as it does not enter the horses system. It is a topical treatment. Regular use of this Shampoo will ensure that Feather Mites are kept to a minimum and do not get to a stage of causing discomfort and irritation to your horse.

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