Farriers Summer Fly Cream (500ml)


Farriers Summer Fly Cream is made from 100% natural ingredients. Contains Citronella Essential Oil and a waterproofing ingredient to prevent wash off on rainy days. Added titanium dioxide helps shield harmful rays from the sun. Can be applied around the eyes, muzzle and ears and under the belly area including sheath and teats . One application a day is all that is needed. Also available in 1000ml size. Especially good for the under belly of the horse against biting black flies & midges, can be applied to raw skin also to soothe & protect



'Couldn't believe the difference this cream made to my horses sheath and tummy area he used to be bitten to death to the point he wouldn't want to go out in the field but now I put this cream on and it really helps no more sore areas, I have a happy horse !' 

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