NEW...Stop Itch Shampoo 500ml


Is your horse rubbing, itching ?

The latest to be added to our range of Mite, Lice, Midge & tick treatments for the whole body.

This shampoo works by paralysing any biting insects which intern kills them whilst cleaning and refreshing your horse at the same time.

Use like a normal shampoo but leave on for 5 mins then rinse. 


A safe & effective way to treat your horse for external parasites 

Wet your horse then massage the shampoo well in to the skin all over the body especially the crest of the neck and the dock area of the tail plus the rump of the horse. ( Avoid the eyes )  then leave for 5 minutes, rinse as normal repeat a week to 10 days later then you can use routinely if required. please rug your horse in the winter after shampooing with a wick away fleece to stop chilling.

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