Biosect Mite Spray for Guinea Pigs (125ml)


Farriers Biosect Mite Spray is ideal for spot treating when full shampooing is not needed.
Spray directly onto the coat and leave to dry naturally.


Sometimes our pets can pick up unwanted little friends that can cause distress and discomfort not just for your pet, but also the owners.

Farriers Biosect Mite Spray & Shampoo treats and controls a wide range of external parasites such as Static Lice, Mites, Ticks & Fleas. NOT FOR USE ON CATS

Farriers Biosect Mite Spray has been especially formulated to help control parasites on small animals such as Guinea Pigs, Rats, Gerbils and Rabbits etc. The active ingredient Biosect works by paralysing the mites and lice on contact. This spray can be used as often as required and is a valuable aid in controlling a wide range of external parasites. Also available with a Mite Shampoo and coat conditioner.

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