Original M&S Cream - Mite Spray Combo



Does your horse bite, stamp rub his lower leg & have scabs behind their knee or hock area??

Farriers Original M&S Cream in 500ml size along with a 500ml spray bottle of Farriers Biosect Mite Spray. A must have combination for any one owning a heavy horse with feathers. These products are completely compatible with each other and can be used at the same time. Made using 100% natural ingredients and pure essential oils. Farriers Original M&S Cream is antibacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic. 


Heavily feathered horses often have skin problems and feather mites on the lower leg normally restricted to the area covered by feathers. A waxy build up is often present at the back of the knee in the front legs and also in front of the hock joint of the back legs. Because these areas are flexed it is very difficult to protect and stop infection setting in. Farriers Original M&S Cream is a topical cream with anti bacterial, anti fungal and antiseptic properties. Made using 100% natural ingredients and essential oils. This cream is highly water and mud repellent and when applied, creates an elastic barrier and aids in protecting these sensitive areas allowing for the body's natural ability to start the healing process.

Feather Mites are often present in heavily feathered horses. They are tan coloured critters that are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. They live and breed in the warm, moist conditions of heavily feathered horses. They do not travel any further than the feathers so you will not find them in manes or tails for instance. The environment there will not support them. Due to the fact these mites are in a relatively small area on your horse, there is no need to treat the whole horse. Injections are designed to deliver a certain amount of medication to the whole animal including all the areas where it is not needed. Treating Feather Mites in the specific area they live is the most practical solution. 

Farrier Biosect Mite Spray is water based and easy to apply with the spray bottle supplied or can be sponged on for horses that do not like sprays. Farriers Biosect works by coming to direct contact with the Mites. It is important to thoroughly wet the feathered area with this solution making sure it gets right down to the skin where the Mites live. Farriers Biosect Mite Spray is only effective on adult Mites and you will need to reapply 10 days after initial application to ensure that any newly hatched eggs are taken care of.

Farriers Original M&S Cream and Biosect Spray are compatible with each other and can be used at the same time. 

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