Feather Mite Shampoo & M&S Cream Combo



This is an ideal combination bought together, combat two separate ailments in one treatment. (Plus you will save £2.92 buying together)

The shampoo will tackle those feather mites and the cream will maintain good health behind the knee & in front of the hock joint ( can also be used on scabs related to M&S on the lower leg)


Shampoo the lower leg making sure you rub in the skin from where the feather starts especially the heel & pastern area then leave for 5 mins to soak in, rinse as normal then repeat 7 to 10 days later, then again 10 days later this will catch any newly hatched eggs , use routinely after this.

 Remember mites are very transmittable between horses.

The cream, put a small amount on the area needed twice a day for a week then reduce, no need to pick the scabs off they will dissolve, just gently comb out.

Mallenders & Sallenders is an over production of Keratin seeping through the skin, it forms a crust once it hits the air, if left untreated can cause extreme discomfort and infection. Autumn & spring can see a flare up of this ailment due to a new flush of grass.

Use routinely as part of your grooming regime.

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