From Farrier To Farriers Equine Care

Having been a qualified Farrier for more years than I can remember I have dealt with alot of Cobs, Heavy Horses and have seen first hand the problems they have with their lower legs, so I decided I wanted to help these animals and their very desperate owners.

I started to develop some recipes of my own from old hidden ones that I had come across on my travels. Combined with new recipes, and with the help of our late little Cob Brandy to try them all on, we started to produce Farriers Equine Care products.

I have a knowledge of Essential oils, soaps and creams so I put the knowledge to work and with a little help from other experts and companies we got started , initially selling on a small scale out of the back of my van on my shoeing rounds, to renting an industrial unit.

We have outgrown the unit we are in now and are currently moving to a bigger one to facilitate the demand for our products.

We have now branched into Europe with a distributor in Denmark now, plus Amazon Prime and other smaller distributors in the UK.