For the love of my Cob...

I have owned horse most of my life, usually the lightweight go faster ones! But I decided to slow the pace a bit and go with a Cob, so Brandy arrived 13.3, a 7 year old kids jumping pony, ( so much for slowing the pace down lol ) he whizzed everywhere.. but I fell for him and I'm so glad I did, we spent 19 fabulous years together, doing just about everything, he gave me my confidence back to go out on my own and ride!

But being a hairy cob he had lower leg problems, Stamping, Rubbing, Biting his legs constantly, I tried lots of different treatments but none really helped him, it was awful to see him so uncomfortable  and I couldn't find any answers, so Farriers Equine Care started to evolve with Brandy as our "Guinea Pig" with old and new recipes we developed a range specifically for all these lower leg problems.

I will always be so grateful to him for putting up with endless experiments, my panic attacks from being lost on endurance rides, my indecisiveness on most things and his endless patience with me. But most of all for being my best pal..