Farriers Shire Oil 10 litre (2x5 litre)


Farriers Shire Oil is now available in 10 litre sizes. Conveniently packaged in 2 x 5 litre jugs for ease of handling. This natural alternative to pig oil and sulphur is made from 100% plant extracts and contains peppermint essential oil to help deter feather mites. This product is easy to use and smells great too. 


There is an old saying “everything old is new again”. That is certainly the case for Farriers Shire Oil. We would like to introduce you to a gentler, more natural product which we believe offers greater benefits than pig oil, not just for your horse but to the environment also. Farriers Shire Oil is a blend of natural plant oils and extracts which have been carefully  chosen to produce the softest, silkiest feathers possible. Highly water repellent and non sticky, this product will help keep mud from attaching to the feathers and therefore help reduce mud born conditions such as Mud Fever, Thrush and skin infections of the lower leg. 

This may sound like a new approach to dressing feathers in heavy horses but in actual fact this product was around long before mineral oil (pig oil). Many horse are allergic to traditional pig oil and sulphur, which can cause irritation and chemical burns. Farriers Shire Oil contains no harmful ingredient that irritate sensitive skin. In fact all of our ingredients are designed to nourish and protect. 

Heavy Horses are prone to Feather Mites which can be problematic to treat. Farriers Shire Oil contains Peppermint Essential Oil to deter Feather Mites from making your horses legs their home. 

Farriers Shire Oil is better for our environment too. The plant oils we use are not byproducts of the petro-chemical industry  and are actually sustainable and renewable. We strive to produce the most natural products possible. We also produce a wide range of equine products which are available from our website.

INGREDIENTS: Soybean Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Oil, Carnauba Wax, Peppermint Essential Oil.

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